Indian Warrior

April 27, 2010


Indian Warrior is a perennial, I see its fern like leaves second week of February, by the third week it starts to bud.  This year it started to fade by middle April.  I will find this flower around the base of Madrone Trees.  On the hill I walk there are lots of Oak, Madrone, Manzanita, Fur trees.   The picture  with lots of Indian Warrior’s were along Hwy 253 in the grass, with mid morning sun until three o’clock.


Shooting Star

April 27, 2010

I wait patiently for the Shooting Star, it arrives early in February.  The Shooting Star is related to the   Cyclamen, (Dodecatheon Clevelandii) and the American Indians like to roast the leaves and roots to eat.   I have read this in flower books.  It has swipe back petals, starting in pink, Lavender, white and dark purple band at base and a yellow band edged, and what i call a pencil nose.   You will find in spare grass, banks with mosses,  near Oak trees, Madrone trees.  I will find them in with Fawn Lilly.   I walk from January to June, the trees are out with their mosses.  and the oak leaves on the ground are purple hues and lots of ferns.  They are very hard to photograph with Macro setting and not blur them.  I will find these flowers from Early Feb to mid March.

Wood Saxifrage

April 6, 2010

This is what the Wood Saxifrage looks like before it blooms.  It is growing on a mossy rock. Picture taken 3-15-2010.  This is a good look at the leaves.   The flowers above are taken the middle of March.  The flowers are very small. so I use Macro setting on my digital camera.  They like damp mossy banks and rocky areas.

California Saxfrage B

April 6, 2010

California Saxafrage, lots of them together. Picture taken 2-16-10.

Californai Saxifrage A

April 6, 2010


This flower shows the stem is about four to five inches above the leaf.  I will find these flowers on rocky simi dry banks.  Simi dry grassy banks.  As you can see there is moss also.

Hound’s Tounge, Forget-me-not Family, Boraginaceae

 I find this flower in February,  in dense mulch soil.  In full sun and partially shaded areas.  It dies of and comes back in same area the next year.

Milkmaid Flower

April 4, 2010

Milkmaids – Mustard Family, Brassicaceae


 I usually find this flower about the second week of February.  It likes soil that is very dense.  Oak tree leaves mosses.  This flower usually blooms with Shooting Stars and Saxifrages.